Taşkıran Clinic

Located in the heart of Caddebostan, a favorite spot of Istanbul for being the route of luxury nowadays, also known as the summer resort of the city by the old residents of the area. The clinic space has been used as a residential unit which had the character of a summer loft previously. Büro’s idea was to transform the space completely, to achieve a clean and neat clinical feel, yet keeping the essence of the summer loft inside by cultivating lightness at the same time. Under this scope, combining together the ideas of an aesthetical transformation by shaping the space just as in shaping of a ceramics was taken as the conceptual starting point. Curved surfaces direct and circulate the visitors inside the space and warm colors enhance the calmness at the reception and waiting room. Custom cut marble flooring for the common spaces is used yet PVC flooring for the hygienic spaces is chosen to differentiate the use of spaces based on their functions inside this clinic.

Client MD. Can Taşkıran
Location Caddebostan, İstanbul
Year 2021
Size 250 m²
Typology Clinic, Healthcare
Status Built
Services Interior Design Development, Construction Documents, Contracting & Construction
Photo credit Selahattin Acar
Render credit Yiğit Babacan