Located in Ankara, house for a six person family with a cozy feeling sustained by the tones of light wood colors and greens. Known by most as a populated capital city, outside of Ankara, the house’s living room overlooks a beautiful green lake of a gated community. Despite this beautiful scene and North facing facade, the old interior was shaped by dark tones, which consumed all the light in the apartment. To overcome this problem, light green tones of the lake are being carried inside the house. To keep it inside the budget, and bathrooms are kept as is, but the designed carpentry work for teenager and kids’ rooms colors are set according to the material palette. Taking into consideration the children, a space for free activities is achieved by pulling the carpentry work towards the walls. In the master bedroom, warm colors and decoration is achieved by wall panels and wallpapers.

Client Confidential
Location Eryaman, Ankara
Year 2020
Size 170 m²
Typology Residential
Status Built
Services Interior Design Development, Construction Documents, Contracting & Construction
Photo credit Platon Çekim