Located in Istanbul, in a recently developed area, the project is for a family with four children. For a house that will only be visited during the holidays, the questions is how to define a home away from home. For us, the carefully curated material selection and detailed manufacture of the carpentry work defines quality for this space, differentiating it from any other apartment. Creating a balance among the rooms is by the use of continuation of material and geometries, let us create a series of carefully crafted spaces in this house. Visible from the entrance, a corridor that hosts family pictures at different heights welcomes the family, where a natural woven wallpaper and wallboard is designed to ensure the classic warmth of a family house. The upper level of this wallboard creates a principal guideline for the following geometries of the metal doors and carpentry work inside other rooms. Each room has been curated on personalized concepts, per the request of the clients: Natural cream and earthy tones for a luxurious feel in master bedroom and living spaces; boho inspired airy teenage girl’s room, curved blue shapes and suspended lights with spaceship concept in boy’s room and colorful vivid colors to encourage two young daughters who love to paint and be creative.

Client Confidential
Location Levent, Istanbul
Year 2022
Size 280 m²
Typology Residential
Status Built
Services Interior Design Development, Construction Documents, Contracting & Construction
Photo credit Hacer Bozkurt