PI Psychiatry & Psychology Clinic

Located at Caddebostan, Bağdat Avenue, which is the most significant luxury retail and residential axis on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, PI Psychiatry and Psychology Clinic resides at an office complex adjacent to the main street. Even though the location is vibrant and commercial, Büro’s idea was to create a calming space for patients, implementing the idea of imperfection by using a natural palette of subdued colors and soothing finishes. A front desk and separate waiting room welcomes patients, with folding doors to allow for a private room. For the adult consulting, a space for group therapy has been laid out to have a comfortable sitting area and active listening points for the therapist. A wooden playing nook for the children's therapy room next door has been formed, adapting vibrant colors and abstract images for decorative elements. With the addition of two other shared consulting rooms, the clinic offers a composed environment with a calming nature and artful details.

Client PI Psychiatry & Psychology Clinic
Location Kadıköy, Istanbul
Year 2023
Size 200 m²
Typology Clinic, Healthcare
Status Built
Services Interior Design Development, Construction Documents, Contracting & Construction
Photo credit Hacer Bozkurt