APEX Clinic 2

Being a Mediterranean town in the Aegean region of Turkey, Denizli has its own unique spirit. The dental clinic’s new rental area was used as a restaurant and an office (side by side two separate units) previously. To overcome plumbing and mechanical issues, detailed dental clinic boxes were studied to be presented. After the approval of the layout plan with these boxes, look & feel documents are submitted. The essential point in this project was to create a spacious feel to the whole space to overcome the fear one feels inside a clinical environment. That is why it has been chosen to add as much transparency as possible in displaying the sterilization room, as well as keeping the balcony open for visitors to feel the indoor/outdoor climate whenever they want to while waiting.

Project owner Slash Health
Client Slash Health
Location Denizli, Turkey
Year 2021
Size 115 m²
Typology Clinic, Healthcare
Status Design stage
Services Interior Design Development
Render credit Yiğit Babacan