AA House

Located at the 42 and 43rd floors of a high-rise tower in Maslak, which has a modern and versatile lifestyle in the realm of work and living, a duplex residential unit is designed for a family of two. With the inspiration of an urban living scenario, the search for quality combined with beauty in every detail is what distinguishes a luxury residence from the others. The personalized living spaces are chosen to be warm and welcoming like a protective nest. Since the client loves to cook and spend time at the kitchen, the existing guest bathroom and closed kitchen have been taken down and re-arranged to have an open island kitchen that faces the full view. A material board of dark smoked wood, brushed metal, black and white ceramic slabs, black book match marble and copper metal details are chosen for the ground floor. Warmer materials like oak wood and wall to wall carpets are utilized in the upper bedroom areas, where a master bathroom and walk-in dressing room have been re-designed.

Client Confidential
Location Sarıyer, İstanbul
Year 2023
Size 400 m²
Typology Residential
Status Under construction
Services Interior Design Development, Construction Documents, Contracting & Construction